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Hazel Tea Shop has been open since 2003; we started off in a little corner in RSL Centre, trying out the market with the new business. As years passed the bubble tea market became larger and larger, so more and more people knew about our bubble tea, knowing that it has such high quality and very well known.

If you visit Taiwan, Hong Kong and different parts of Asia, you just can not stop noticing the unique bubble tea shops. You must be wondering, “What is Bubble Tea?” Bubble Tea is served in a clear plastic cup; the fat straws are used to suck up the toppings, such as Tapioca Pearls or the variety fruit flavoured jellies. It became popular when fruit flavourings were added into the iced tea. After mixture needs be to shaken well for a GREAT taste, the firm bubbles in the drink stays on the top, it was well known as “BUBBLE TEA”. Now days when the toppings like the Tapioca Pearls are added into the drink, it sits on the bottom of the cup, it is also named after Bubble Tea or Bubble Milk Tea.

Hazel Tea Shops Tapioca Pearl and quality of Tea lead us to great success; it became the word of the mouth. Our Tapioca Pearls is made especially with sweet potato, cassava root and brown sugar, this mixture makes our tapioca pearls shine in black. The Chewy texture, soft and sweetness is the sign, knowing that this is The Hazel Tea Pearls. Without the grease on the outside and the hardness in the inside many customers come back for one more. We always please our first time customers who then become our regular customers.

The Hazel Pearls are made to suite every single one of our teas. Knowing the Hazel Tea shop system, the tea scent will force itself back onto your taste buds, tasting the dry sweetness of our tea quenching your thirst, presenting the best quality of tea.

There is one thing that is for certain, Hazel’s Bubble Tea is not fad, it is a trend, a very addictive one. If you had a good one in Hazel Tea Shop before then you will know what we are talking about.